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    Harsh weather is a major cause of economical and social losses, and we face every year several failures of facilities due to the lack of warning, misuse and misinterpretation of precipitation data.

    SkyEcho develops new generation of high definition urban rainfall products tailored for local authorities and businesses applications in needs of very accurate rainfall information for managing increasing water disruptions in the context of climate change adaptation.

  • What We Do

    HD rainfall within your reach

    HD rainfall processing and visualisation

    Weather around you, right now

    Rainfall maps may be hard to display and to interpret. At SkyEcho, we develop 2D and 3D visualization tools for real-time monitoring and processing of remote sensing data to be converted into rainfall fields.

    HD precipitation nowcasting

    Weather around you, in advance

    By analysing sequences of rainfall maps, SkyEcho provides rainfall forecasts at time lags up to 2 hours. In this way, rain, hail, and harsh weather does not come unexpected and can be tracked in time.

    Customized business applications

    After the storm

    Applications tailored on the needs of our customers. For example, knowing the past to better face the future. An accurate reanalysis of past precipitation events can highlight the areas where heavy rainfall or hailstorm occurred, help to organize post-damage measures and be better prepared for the next time. Contact us to discuss about specific solutions.

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