Are hyper-local rain insights gaining interest?

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At SkyEcho, we clearly experience a growing interest of potential users for higher resolution, higher accuracy rain intelligence. Over the years, more people get aware that local rain disruptions affect a large variety of sectors of activity. To get more resilient, business and social activities are more and more supported by new rain-triggered smart digital solutions that are now capable to ingest rain insights at street-level resolution.

Accuracy and Resolution at local scale are at the core of SkyEcho’s strategy. The higher the accuracy of the rain, the higher the performance of the rain forecast model and, hence, smart digital solutions, especially during complex and local heavy rain events. Our solution is currently tested for the optimization of the following applications:
– Smart sewage water management
– wind energy production
– Air traffic risk management

We are looking forward to expanding our tests to new sectors in the future such as in the insurance sector and smart-city applications:

Timely total accumulated rain information can help prevent grey water overflow.
Thanks to our API, our HD weather data can easily be integrated in management systems that require accurate rain data, such as flood risk management, insurance processes, traffic delay, public transport or use of our historical data for system analytics.
Warning services of local rainfall intensity information allow energy providers to mitigate blade erosion while optimizing green energy production.
HD rain can be connected to smart traffic lights to dynamically adjust light duration to the weather situation, e.g. shorter wait time for bikers or longer warning time for cars to have more time to break.
HD weather can support users with their decision on the use of multi-modal public transportation.
HD rain can be connected to pumping station network to mitigate flood risk and sewage overflow by pumping water in places with less anticipated rain.
Flight operators can make use of HD rain for flight planning and weather warnings.
There is a great opportunity to make use of HD rain triggered IoT devices, such as triggering umbrellas on terraces when rain is announced.
Our Rainportal can detect areas with heavy droughts, allowing authorities to prioritize areas where more watering is needed using rain shortage level evaluations.
The integration of HD weather into drone economy flight management systems keeps drones save in harsh weather and minimises non-operational periods.